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Five new Working Papers available at our site

Our Working Papers Series has just received new contributions! We have five new articles available. Here we bring you an overview of each one.

In her article “Conviviality Through Time in Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Río de La Plata“, Luciane Scarato, postdoctoral researcher at Mecila, provides a broad mapping of the idea of conviviality and its multiple senses, showing various case studies from the analyzed contexts to show the different aspexts of this conception and its permanent relationship with inequality.

In “Convivialismo, Diversidad, Fraternidade” Osvaldo Barreneche discusses the similiraties and differences between the concepts that give the text its title while also presenting a key argument: fraternity has a political dimension. Besides reappraising the many aspects of this dimension, the author reflects upon its presence in Latin America.

Tilmann Heil in “Conviviality on the Brink“, observes the life context of senegalese migrants living on Rio De Janeiro, analyzing the dynamics of their social relations and how conviviality takes shape in a city marked by conflicts.

Maya Manzi, also a Mecila’s postdoctoral researcher,  examines the political ecology and moral economies that informed state intervention concerning drought and peasant migration in Fighting against or Coexisting with Drought? Conviviality, Inequality and Peasant Mobility in Northeast Brazil. Observing the different moments of Brazil’s semi-arid history, Dr. Manzi considers how the context of Agrodiesel development in Bahia contributes to the emergence of specific regimes of conviviality and inequality in Brazil

Anna Guiteras Mombiola takes us to the  School Centres for ‘Savages’ in her text, observing the role of this educational project in the Bolivan Amazon. As the author shows, while trying to promote an education policy inspired by indigenist thought, the ideals of the project where  nevertheless impreganted with civilizing principles.

The Working Paper Series brings texts related to Mecila’s axial themes, the notions of conviviality and inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean, with works in progress from either researchers of the Centre or not. The texts are available on our site under open access  policy.