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The Research Area Medialities of Conviviality will hold regular virtual colloquia. The first session, “Medialities of conviviality: inequality,” takes place on July, 8th (16-18h MEZ). This first meeting starts with internal sessions to foster the discussions within the Research Area.

In the Research Area, scholars from different disciplines work together. In addition to the coordinators Gloria Chicote (IdIHCS), Barbara Göbel (IAI) and Susanne Klengel (FU Berlin) the group consists of Peter Birle (IAI), Islam Dayeh (FU Berlin), Christoph Müller (IAI), Clara Ruvituso (IAI), Friedhelm Schmidt-Welle (IAI), Stephanie Schütze (FU Berlin), Peter W. Schulze (Universität zu Köln) and Astrid Ulloa (Universidad Nacional de Colombia). In the future, more researchers and fellows will join the Research Area.

Medialities of Conviviality’s research focuses on processes of co-production and circulation of knowledge and representation relating to the nexus between inequality and conviviality. This includes both immaterial flows of ideas, values, and imaginaries, as well as relevant practices and materialisations. Writing, drawing, photographing, collecting, and exhibiting offer important clues to the study of how notions of conviviality – for instance, as utopias or mythical pasts – were manifested in objects produced and circulated in convivial and unequal contexts. The role of new media will also be of interest to this Research Area.

Medialities of Conviviality is one of the three Research Areas of Mecila, along with Politics of Conviviality and (Hi-)Stories of Conviviality.