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Epistemological Approach

Mecila is an innovative forum for transnational knowledge production characterized by a symmetric cooperation between institutions and researchers from different countries, cultures, disciplines and career stages. This implies a reflection on the very role of the Centre in promoting less asymmetrical transnational co-production and exchange of scientific knowledge. In order to achieve this goal, we follow three epistemological perspectives:

Transference / Translation

Transference and Translation involve the analysis of historical and contemporary tensions, transformations and negotiations inherent to the processes of circulation of knowledge, ideas, norms as well as practices and their materiality.

Positionality / Multiperspectivity

Since all knowledge is situated – that is, non-universal – it is necessary to reflect on the multiple locations of the production of knowledge and the position of each of them in the realm of academic and non-academic networks of power.


The emphasis here lies on both comparison – in the sense of understanding past and present interactions and interpenetrations between Latin America, Europe, and other regions of the world – and the promotion of the international circulation of knowledge and experiences.