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The Centre is directed by an Executive Board, composed of two representatives of the coordinating member, FU Berlin, and one representative of each consortium partners as well as one representative of the Postdoctoral Researchers. It aligns both strategic course and content.


During the preliminary phase, the main speaker, Sérgio Costa (Freie Universität Berlin), and co-speaker, Marcos Nobre (CEBRAP), lead, in cooperation with the Coordination Office, the implementation processes.

The Coordination Office of the Centre is based in São Paulo. It is responsible for the operational management of the Centre and reports to the main speaker and to the Executive Board. This is composed by the Scientific Coordinator, Nicolas Wasser, and the Project Assistant, Melanie Metzen.

In the main phase, the Executive Board will elect among its members two Scientific Directors (one from the German partners and one from the Latin American partners) for a term of up to two years. The Directors will be in charge of leading the scientific work of the Centre and supervising the implementation of the research programme and other scientific activities defined by the Executive Board. In the main phase, the research work of the Centre will be guided by an eminent international Advisory Board, the members of which will be appointed during the preliminary phase by the Executive Board.