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Angela Alonso

Angela Alonso holds a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of São Paulo and a postdoctoral degree from Yale University. She is the current president of the Brazilian Center of Analysis and Planning (Cebrap), as well as a Professor of the Sociology Department of the University of São Paulo (USP). She researches social and intellectual movements and conflicts, both in Brazilian history and the present. She authors “Ideas in Movement: the 1870s generation in the Brazilian Empire crisis” (best doctoral thesis. Prize CNPq/Anpocs, 2001), “Joaquim Nabuco: os salões e as ruas” (2007), both also published in France, and, “Flowers, Ballots and Bullets: the abolitionist movement in Brazil (1868-1888)”, which was awarded best book in human sciences (Jabuti Prize) and best book of the year (Brazilian Academy of Letters Prize) in 2015 and it is forthcoming in English by Cambridge University Press. In 2009, she was honoured with the John S. Guggenheim Foundation Award.

Research areas:
Social movements
Culture and political mobilization
Violent political conflicts

Recent publications:

Alonso, Angela (2018): “Processos políticos da abolição”, in: Schwarcz, Lilia Moritz; Santos Gomes, Flávio dos (eds.), Dicionário da escravidão e liberdade, São Paulo: Companhia das Letras, 1, 358-366.

Alonso, Angela and Lima, Heloisa Espada (eds.) (2017): Conflitos: fotografia e violência política no Brasil 1889-1964, São Paulo: Instituto Moreira Salles.

Alonso, Angela (2017): “A política das ruas”, in: Novos Estudos CEBRAP, ed. Especial, 49-58.

Alonso, Angela and Mische, Ann (2016): “Changing Repertoires and Partisan Ambivalence in the New Brazilian Protests”, in: Bulletin of Latin American Research, 1.

Alonso, Angela (2016): “L´invention de soi: autobiographie et trajectoire sociale de Graça Aranha”, in: Le Brésil, 9, 1-19.