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Raquel Gil Montero

Holds a PhD. in History from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina. Independent researcher from CONICET, in the Instituto de Historia Argentina y Americana (Institute of Argentinian and American History) Dr. E. Ravignani (Universidad de Buenos Aires). Has been granted research fundings from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, María Elena Cassiet Fellowship, the National Geographic Association (USA), from Tyssen, Alexander von Humboldt and Gerda Henkel foudantions and from DAAD and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Germany), among others. Is the director of the journal Población & Sociedad since 2009. Is the vice-president of the Asociación Argentina de Investigadores en Historia (Argentinian Association of History Researchers) since 2017. Has taken part and is part of different institutions and international groups, such as the Panel Científico de Demografía Histórica (Scientific Panel of Historic Demography) of IUSSP (International Union for the Scientific Study of Population) and the Global Collaboratory on the History of Labour Relations 1500-2000 (Amsterdam).

Research areas:
Colonial labour world
Mining history
History of indigenous population of today’s Bolivia and north  of Argentina between 16th and 19th Centuries.

Recent publications:

Gil Montero, Raquel (2018): “Entre el trabajo libre y forzado: los yanaconas rurales de Charcas (Bolivia) en el siglo XVII”, Colonial Latin American Review, 27 (3).

Gil Montero, Raquel (2018): “Migración y minería en el corregimiento de Carangas (actual Bolivia), siglo XVII”, Jahrbuch für Geschichte Lateinamerikas, vol. 55.

Gil Montero, Raquel (2017): “Regional Impact of Mining Activity during Colonial Times in the Highlands of Southern Bolivia”, International Journal of Historical Archaeology, 21 (2).

Gil Montero, Raquel (2015): Ciudades efímeras. El ciclo minero de la plata en Lípez (Bolivia), siglos XVI-XIX. La Paz (2015).