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Sérgio Costa

Trained in economics and sociology in Brazil and Germany, Sérgio Costa is a professor of sociology at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. He is the chair with Marcos Nobre of Mecila and editor of the series Global Entangled Inequalities: Exploring Global Asymmetries, at Routledge. He holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Sociology of the Freie Universität Berlin, from where he also earned his habilitation (2005) later published as “From North Atlantic to Black Atlantic: Social Theory, Antiracism, Cosmopolitanism” (2007, in German). His areas of interest are social theory, postcolonial sociologies, inequality research, conviviality and difference. His publications include four monographs, about 100 articles and book chapters as well as 13 edited volumes.

Research areas:
Social inequalities
Cultural differences and democracy
Racism and anti-racism
Postcolonial theories

Recent publications:

Gonçalves, Guilherme L. ;Costa, Sérgio (2019): From primitive accumulation to entangled accumulation: Decentring Marxist Theory of capitalist expansion. European Journal of Social Theory.

Costa Sérgio (2018): “Estrutura Social e Crise Política no Brasil”. Dados,  61, 4, 499-533.

Costa, Sérgio (2018): “The research on modernity in Latin America: Lineages and dilemmas.” Current Sociology.

Costa, Sérgio (2018): “Convivialisme, conviviality, Konvivenz : réponses convergentes aux « puristes de la diff érence »?”, in: Alain Caillé, Philippe Chanial, Stéphane Dufoix, Frédéric Vandenberghe (eds.), Des sciences sociales à la science sociale. Fondements anti-utilitaristes, Lormont, Le Bord de l’eau.

Costa, Sérgio (2018): “On Inequality and Difference”, in: Fietze, Simon/ Holtmann, Doris/ Schramm, F. (eds.): Zwischen Provinzen und Metropolen. Stationen einer Sozioökonomischen Reise. Augsburg, Munich: Rainer Hampp Verlag.

Costa, Sérgio (2018): “Situando a Sociologia”, in: Martín, Eloísa, Göbel, Barbara (eds.): Desigualdades interdependentes e geopolítica do conhecimento: negociações, fluxos, assimetrias. Rio de Janeiro: 7 Letras, 17-30.