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Seminar: “Muertes que importan”, with Gabriel Kessler

In April 12th sociologist Gabriel Kessler from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (National University of La Plata, Argentina) and Mecila Senior Fellow presented the seminar “Muertes que importan – una mirada sociohistórica sobre los casos que marcaran la Argentina reciente” (“Deaths which Matter – a sociohistorical gaze on cases that marked recent Argentina). The event was part of the Cebrap Seminars 2019 agenda, being open to the public as always.

The presentation summarized an exhaustive research undertaken by Prof. Kessler along with Sandra Gayol from the Universidad Nacional General Sarmiento (Argentina), which resulted on the book that gives the seminar its name. A synthesis of the investigations carried out on this work can be found in the article “Cuando las muertes transforman: la lucha contra las violencias estatales en la Argentina reciente” (“when deaths bring changes: the struggle against state violence in recent Argentina”)

The work looks at a series of violent deaths carried out by the Argentinian State netween 1985 and 2004, when the country had already turned back into a democracy. How the State dealt with such deaths and how the commotion with them became a public pressure over the State, echoing political and social claims? And, especially, how and why were these particular cases the ones that gathered most attention from the public? These are the questions this research faces.

The full presentation and the debate are available at the video below