International Call for Applications: Postdoctoral Fellowships

Cebrap has open calls for two postdoctoral fellowships associated with the Research Project “Crises of Democracy: Critical Theory and Diagnosis of Present Time”

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The Center for Law and Democracy (NDD) of the Brazilian Center for Analysis and Planning (CEBRAP) open calls for applications for two funded postdoctoral fellowships to work within the scope of the Thematic Project “Crises of Democracy: Critical Theory and Diagnosis of Present Time”. 

The centres are looking for proposals within the themes Political Theory about Fascism and Institutionalism and Crises of Democracy.


The Center for Law and Democracy (NDD) of the Brazilian Center for Analysis and Planning (CEBRAP) opens a call for applications for one (1) funded postdoctoral fellowship to work within the scope of the Thematic Project “Crises of Democracy: Critical Theory and Diagnosis of Present Time” (Fapesp Process nº 2019/22387-0). The project is hosted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, under the coordination of Professor Marcos Nobre. The candidate’s research should focus on the current phenomenon of erosion of democratic institutions, highlighting the problems and theoretical challenges that institutionalist currents face in addressing this problem. The research should discuss and problematize the premises of institutionalist theories, as well as theoretical innovations relevant to the theme.

The fellowship contributes to the project’s general goal of reconstructing the works of Critical Theory authors, as well as their understanding of democracy in the context of the crises of democracies in the first half of the 20th century, thus contributing to the effort of updating their theses and categories for our present moment. For more information on the process, see: Auxílio à pesquisa 19/22387-0 – Filosofia social, Teoria crítica – BV FAPESP.


The selected candidate is expected to be assiduous and committed to the activities of the Thematic Project, participating in periodic research and training meetings, seminars, and courses. Among the specific tasks of the fellowship, we highlight the production of manuscripts for academic publication, the presentation of research in internal and external seminars, the preparation of reports, as well as other activities relevant to the project. The scholarship grant is provided by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), which aims to strengthen the research staff in the state, through the engagement of young scholars in teaching, research, extension, and, eventually, mentoring activities.

The application requirements are:

  1. To have completed your doctorate no more than 5 years ago (or expect to complete it before the start of the scholarship period);
  2. An excellent academic curriculum;

iii. A project related to the theme of the public notice;

  1. Full dedication to the project;
  2. To be living in São Paulo by the start of the fellowship.
  3. It is the responsibility of foreign candidates to verify and obtain legal documentation for entry and permanence in Brazil, if selected.

For more information on the candidate’s requirements and commitments, please consult Fapesp’s general criteria: Post-doctoral fellowships ( However, it is important to consider that this call is linked to the Thematic Project and therefore follows specific rules for the selection process. The scholarship lasts two years, with an expected starting date of January 1, 2023. The beginning date, however, is dependent on the bureaucratic procedures at FAPESP. The current value of the monthly payment of this grant is BRL $ 8,479.20. The grant also includes a technical reserve, whose usage rules can be consulted here: FAPESP Technical Reserve. A one-time reallocation allowance of BRL $ 8,479.20 (for reallocation of more than 50 km), as well as travel fares for the grantee, spouse, as well as dependents (for reallocation of more than 350 km), might also be covered by FAPESP, subject to certain conditions.


Applications will be open until October 31, 2022. Interested parties should send an email entitled “Post-Doc Fellowship – institutionalism and crises of democracy” or “Post-Doc – political theory about fascism” to the electronic address, with the following documents:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (up to 2 pages), including main publications;
  2. Synthetic research proposal (up to 4 pages), which must be related to the topic described in this notice. Include title, abstract, description of objectives, work plan with methodology, work plan with expected results, and justification;

iii. Complete graduate school transcript;

  1. Doctorate completion certificate, or letter indicating the defense until the beginning of December 2022.

We strongly encourage the application of black, indigenous, and disabled people.

Selection Process

The selection process will take place in two stages.

  1. i) Elimination: analysis of the submitted documentation, considering their adequacy to Fapesp’s criteria.
  1. ii) Classification: interviews with senior and principal researchers of the Thematic Project. The following criteria will be adopted in the selection process: a) experience in the area; b) quality of the project, and adequacy to the aims of this call.