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Germany Research Visits


Susana Durão (Unicamp)

Stayed at the IAI from 06.06 to 27.07.2024

Rúrion Melo

Rurión Melo (USP)

Stayed at the IAI from 20.5 to 08.06.24


Moacyr Novaes (USP)

Stayed at the FUB from 01.11 to 21.12.2023

Juan Ignacio Piovani (UNLP)

Stayed at the IAI from 07. to 26.05.2023 and at UzK on 22.05.2023

Ajay Gandhi (Leiden University)

Stayed at UzK from 14.06. to 21.07.2023


Gloria Chicote (UNLP)

Stayed at the IAI from 04.09 to 06.10.2022 and at the UzK from 19.09 to 23.09.2022

Samuel Barbosa (USP)

Stayed at UzK from 24.06 to 30.07.2022

Laura Flamand

Laura Flamand (COLMEX)

Stayed at FU Berlin from 14.04 to 30.06.2022