Mecila Chair

The Mecila Chair is awarded to a scholar from one of the Latin American consortium institutions for a ten-week research stay at one of the Latin American partner institutions. It rotates during the year between all four Latin American partner institutions. The objectives of the Mecila Chair are to foster circulation within the Latin American institutions of Mecila's consortium, strengthen collaborative ties, and articulate research on key topics of Mecila. Activities of the Mecila Chair at the Host Institution include public conferences, workshops with experienced and young researchers, and project meetings. Special attention will be given to the development and publication of Mecila-related research results (e.g. Working Papers, Policy Papers, book chapters, articles).

Gloria Chicote

Gloria Chicote (IdICHS – Conicet)

Ciudad de Mexico (05.08.24 – 03.10.24)

Laura Flamand

Laura Flamand (Colmex)

La Plata (06.05.24 – 19.07.2024)