Mecila is organised into three Research Areas (RA):

[Hi]Stories of Conviviality

Speakers: Carlos Alba (Colmex), Samuel Barbosa (USP), Barbara Potthast (UzK)
Coordinator: Tilmann Heil (UzK)

The RA [Hi]Stories of Conviviality analyses how the nexus between conviviality and inequality takes shape in different historical contexts and is presented and represented in discourses and cultural, socioeconomic, and legal manifestations. 

Medialities of Conviviality

Speakers: Gloria Chicote (IdIHCS), Barbara Göbel (IAI), Susanne Klengel (FU Berlin)
Coordinator: Clara Ruvituso (IAI)

Medialities of Conviviality focuses on processes of co-production and circulation of knowledge and representations in convivial and unequal contexts, including structures, networks, and flows of ideas, values, imaginaries, and objects. 

Politics of Conviviality

Speakers: Sérgio Costa (FU Berlin), Juan Piovani (UNLP), Marta Machado (Cebrap)
Coordinator: Raquel Rojas (FU Berlin)

The RA Politics of Conviviality studies the articulation and negotiation of differences and inequalities in everyday life and within institutions.