São Paulo Research Visits

Distinguished visiting scholars are invited for short-term residencies (up to two weeks) in order to carry out specific cooperation activities with other Mecila researchers. Since this particular grant supports ongoing research projects, only Mecila’s Investigators can submit suggestions for invitations of short-term scholars to the Executive Board. Application decisions fall on the Executive Board through a transparent decision-making process.


Jens Andermann (New York University)

Julieta Pestarino (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

José Luis de Diego (Universidad Nacional de La Plata)


Fabian Steinhauer (Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory)

Ángel Ramírez (Universidad Intercultural de las Nacionalidades y Pueblos Indígenas Amawtay Wasi)

Thomas Legler (Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México)

Mirta Zaida Lobato (Universidad de Buenos Aires)


William Scheuerman (Indiana University)