29 Sep

Asymmetries of International Knowledge Production and Circulation

Experiences, Best Practices and Challenges


About the event

With the growing demand for internationalization in academic knowledge production, the well-desired cooperation between international and transnational partners, especially between institutions from the so-called Global North and South, is often challenged by asymmetrical conditions of research, publication, outreach, impact and funding between the partner researchers and the institutions. With the Maria Sybilla Merian Centres, the German Ministry of Education and Research BMBF has created a funding line conceived as an opportunity for cooperation between researchers from different continents, working from complementary perspectives on issues that are increasingly becoming global. This Roundtable aims to offer an open space for representatives of MECILA and MECAM, the Merian Centres located in São Paulo and Tunis respectively, to share their experiences in mediating research processes between different institutional logics, epistemological gaps, but also urgent wishes of horizontal exchange and cooperation, in a global context of asymmetrical opportunities. The topics discussed include research experiences and collaboration within the specific international environments of the Merian Centres, and exchange on theoretical perspectives on knowledge production and circulation.

Date: 29/09/2023, 14h
Place: CEBRAP, São Paulo



14.00 Welcome by Peter Birle, MECILA German Director in Presence and Moacyr Novaes, MECILA Brazilian Director in Presence
14.15 Roundtable Discussion


Chair: Jeffrey Lesser, MECILA International Advisory Board

Moderator: Juan Piovani, MECILA Chair



Clara Ruvituso, MECILA Postdoctoral Investigator

Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez, MECILA International Advisory Board

Julius Dihstelhoff, MECAM Academic Coordinator

Rachid Ouaissa, MECAM Spokesperson and German Director

Tomaz Amorim, MECILA Scientific Manager

15.30 General discussion
17.00 End of the event