13 Abr

[2022] Ancestral Futures

Im/Materialisms in Latin American Art and Literature


Acerca del evento

Lecture Series organized by GEMAS of the Luso-Brazilian Institute, University of Cologne and Mecila

Ailton Krenak, Brazilian indigenous thinker and activist, says that the future is ancestral. In Ideias para adiar o fim do mundo, he argues that our time is defined by absences – for instance, an absence of meaning regarding the experience of life itself. Faced with this abyss and following Krenak ´s concerns, this lecture series reaffirms the imaginative and existential potential of Afro-Latin and indigenous peoples in order to reflect on alternatives to Eurocentric worldviews and social structures rooted in colonial oppressions.

During 14 meetings, diverse Latin American thinkers and artists will present and discuss engaging literary texts and audio-visual works that envision other possible worlds.

This cycle of lectures will be virtual through the Zoom platform in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Registrations:

Créditos: Marina Camargo Mapa-mole (América do Sul), 2020



Wednesday at 17.45 (CET)

Miguel Hilari – 13/04 (es)
Karen Cordero – 20/04 (en)
Julie Dorrico – 27/04 (pt)
Barbara Marcel – 04.05 (pt)
Itamar Vieira Junior – 11/05 (pt)
Stephanie Borges – 18/05 (en)
Ana Longoni – 01/06 (es)
Emil´Keme – 15/06 (en)
Vincent Carelli – 22/06 (pt)
Alberto Guaraní – 29/06 (pt)
Florencia Garramuño – 06/07 (en)
Héctor Hoyos – 13/07 (en)