28 May

Black Counterpublics and the New Paradoxes of Anti-racist Struggles in Brazil

Diversity/Medialities | Public Lectures Mecila-IAI

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[Lecture Series “Diversity/Medialities”]

The emergence of black counterpublics have shed light on new aspects of the anti-racist struggle in Brazil in comparison with institutional achievements of recent decades against racial prejudice, institutional exclusion and socioeconomic inequalities. In his lecture, Rúrion Melo (Universidade de São Paulo / CEBRAP / Mecila) analyzes the reasons why anti-racist struggles outside the State, which are socially self-organized, erupted shortly after a period of institutional achievements by the Brazilian black movement.

What are the everyday experiences, social practices, and forms of self-organization that characterize the new political cultures of black counterpublics? And how would an intersectional perspective on social oppression and forms of political resistance can help to understand the new paradoxes of anti-racist struggles in Brazil?

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