27 Nov

[2020] Digital Abiayala

Indigenous Heritage and Media in Latin America


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The event is organized by the IAI, in cooperation with Mecila and the Forschungscampus Dahlem der SPK.

Digital media as a tool to document, teach and communicate Indigenous cultural and linguistic heritage in the Americas, or Abiayala, has grown exponentially in the last two decades. Notably, Indigenous academics and activists are the principal protagonists of these forms of re-engaging with their own languages, histories and philosophies. The advantages that this technology offers for the revitalization and/or reintegration of heritage seem endless. Despite this, incorporating it into broader educational and organizational processes still faces various challenges.

In his talk, Dr. Genner Llannes Ortiz (Centre for Indigenous America Studies, Leiden University) will discuss a few examples of the work carried out within digital Abiayala, and identify key opportunities to amplify their reach.

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18:00 Uhr (UTC+01 / Berlin)
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