03 Sep

[2021] Debating Multinormativity and Legal Pluralism

Mecila, IdIHCS (La Plata), FDUSP


About the event

In Latin America and elsewhere, the concept of legal pluralism has occupied a central position in different research and in various fields such as sociology, anthropology and legal history. This concept has been productive in reflecting on the formation of law outside the framework of legal and formal normativity. However, legal pluralism, as a concept, has been challenged on several fronts. The conception of valid legal norms in the same field raises the question of what is the criterion for identifying law and related aporias. More recently, the alternative concept of multinormativity has been proposed in the hope of building on some earlier impulses and taking the debate forward. In a first approximation, multinormativity refers to normative expectations, legal or not, explicit or presupposed in practices. It is a category under development that requires greater precision and whose productivity must be tested.
The Workshop will bring together researchers from different disciplines to dicuss the balance of the concept of legal pluralism and/or multinormativity. How have these concepts been used and in what sense can the concept of multinormativity be developed? To what extent is this concept alternative or complementary to that of legal pluralism? Taking into account Mecila’s research programme, how was/can the problem of the link between inequalities and conviviality be reflected in the concepts of legal pluralism and multinormativity?
As a starting point for contributions, we indicate the thematic dossier of the journal Rechtsgeschichte (nº 25) which brings together papers in Spanish, English and German, reflecting on the richness of the two concepts mentioned above.

Part 1 – Legal History
With Samuel Barbosa (USP), Cristina Nogueira da Silva (UNL), Osvaldo Barreneche (IdIHCS) e Elisa Speckman-Guerra (UNAM).

Starts: 10h (BRT), 15h (GMT+2)
Ends: 13h (BRT), 18h (GMT+2)

1 hour break

Part 2 – Legal, Sociological and Anthropological Theory
With José Rodrigo Rodriguez (Cebrap), Bianca Tavolari (Cebrap), Tilmann Heil (UzK) e Armando Guevara Gil (UDEA/UPC).

Starts: 14h (BRT), 19h (GMT+2)
Ends: 17h (BRT), 22h (GMT+2)

Closing remarks (30 min)

Organized by Mecila, IdIHCS (La Plata), USP