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Mecila-Unicamp Lectures

Metamorfoses da Literatura no Tempo das Imagens

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Mecila-Unicamp Lectures
Ciclo de conferências: Metamorfoses da Literatura no Tempo das Imagens

29 novembro 2023 | 15h










Prof. Dr. Jörn Etzold (Senior Fellow do Mecila | University of Bochum)
Beyond the Picture Stage: Hölderlin’s Theatre of the New World
Empedocles on the Etna is the third and final draft of Friedrich Hölderlin’s trauerspiel about the Greek poet and philosopher. In close reference to Sophocles’ Oedipus on Colonos, the action finally leaves the framework of the picture stage and moves to the “area at the Etna.” But before Hölderlin abandons the piece, a new actor appears for the first and last time: it is the chorus. According to the front sheet of the manuscript, it sings about the “future”; according to the back, about the “new world”. After this appearance, Hölderlin decides not to continue his work on a modern tragedy. A little later he will translate and comment on Sophocles. However, he will continue to work on the chorus in his chants (Gesänge) where other actors appear after the tragic figure has left the stage: clouds, rivers, winds, migratory birds. I would like to trace this development with a close reading of the texts and then speculate on the peculiar proximity between Hölderlin’s poetry and Indigenous epistemes of South America.

Dra. Melanie Strasser (Junior Fellow do Mecila)
Metamorfoses canibais. Novas imagens ao antropófago desconhecido
Almost a century after the emergence of modernist Anthropophagy, the question is: what can this Anthropophagy do today? How can we rethink and refigure the idea of incorporating the Other, beyond the cliché? The lecture aims to trace the multiple survivals of the figure of the cannibal, that is, the development, the potential, but also the problematics of an anthropophagic poetics through a literary-traditional imaginary founded on indigenous cosmovisions.

Organização: Prof. Dr. Eduardo Sterzi (DTL/PPGTHL)
Promoção: Projeto Metamorfoses da Literatura no Tempo das Imagens (PPGTHL-Unicamp) / Programa Institucional de Internacionalização (CAPES-Print)
Local: Anfiteatro do IEL-Unicamp

Image: Jaider Esbell, A conversa das entidades intergaláticas para decidir o futuro universal da humanidade | 2021