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Working Papers

The Mecila Working Paper Series aims at disseminating preliminary results of ongoing research projects to encourage the exchange of ideas and academic debate regarding conviviality-inequality.

Mecila provides free open access to the series content. Users can read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without requesting prior permission from the publisher or the author as long as they cite the source.

Copyright remains with the authors. Please be aware that these papers may include figures and images from other rightsholders used with permission.

No. 340Gregory PappasHorizontal Models of Conviviality or Radical Democracy in the Americas: Zapatistas, Boggs Center, Casa Pueblo
No. 330Jan BoestenViolence and Democracy in Colombia
The Conviviality of Citizenship Defects in Colombia’s Nation-State
No. 320Camila RochaThe New Brazilian Right and the Public Sphere
No. 310Nilma Lino GomesAntiracism in Times of Uncertainty
The Brazilian Black Movement and Emancipatory Knowledges
No. 300Susanne KlengelPandemic Avant-Garde
Urban Coexistence in Mário de Andrade’s Pauliceia Desvairada (1922) after the Spanish Flu
No. 290Maya ManziMore-Than-Human
Conviviality-Inequality in Latin America
No. 280Raquel Gil MonteroEsclavitud, servidumbre y libertad en Charcas
No. 270Raquel Rojas SchefferPhysically Close, Socially Distant
Paid Domestic Work and (Dis-)Encounters in Latin America’s Private Households
No. 260Gabriel FeltranMarginal Conviviality
On Inequalities and Violence Reproduction
No. 250Fernando BaldraiaEpistemologies for Conviviality, or Zumbification
No. 240Julia von SigsfeldAncestral Knowledges and the Ecuadorian Knowledge Society
No. 23Alejandra Mailhe¿Legados prestigiosos? La revalorización del sustrato cultural indígena en la construcción identitaria argentina, entre fines del siglo XIX y los años treinta
No. 220Barbara PotthastMestizaje and Conviviality in Paraguay
No. 210Raquel Rojas SchefferArticulating Differences and Inequalities
Paid Domestic Workers’ and Housewives’ Struggles for Rights in Uruguay and Paraguay
No. 200Claudia BrionesPolíticas contemporáneas de convivialidad
Aportes desde los pueblos originarios de América Latina
No..1910Raquel Gil Montero and Sarah Albiez-WieckConviviality as a Tool for Creating Networks
The Case of an Early Modern Global Peasant Traveller
No..1810Guillermo BanzatoSoberanía del conocimiento para superar inequidades
Políticas de Acceso Abierto para revistas científicas en América Latina
No..1710Sérgio CostaThe Neglected Nexus between Conviviality and Inequality
No..1610Anna Guiteras MombiolaSchool Centres for ‘Savages’
In Pursuit of a Convivial Sociability in the Bolivian Amazon
No..150Maya ManziFighting against or Coexisting with Drought?
Conviviality, Inequality and Peasant Mobility in Northeast Brazil
No..1410Tilmann HeilConviviality on the Brink
No..13Osvaldo BarrenecheConvivialismo, Diversidad, Fraternidad
No..1210Luciane ScaratoConviviality through Time in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Río de la Plata
No..1110Ramiro SeguraConvivialidad en ciudades latinoamericanas
No..10.10Nicolas WasserThe Affects of Conviviality-Inequality in Female Domestic Labour
No. 9.9Felipe Castro GutiérrezLa violencia rutinaria y los límites de la convivencia en una sociedad colonial
No..8Karen GraubartImperial Conviviality
No..7Peter WadeMestizaje and Conviviality in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico
No..6.6José Benjamín Inuca LechónLlaktapura sumak kawsay /vida plena entre pueblos
Un concepto emancipatorio de las nacionalidades del Ecuador
No..5Arjun AppaduraiThe Risks of Dialogue
No..4Paula MonteroSyncretism and Pluralism in the Configuration of Religious Diversity in Brazil
No..3Frank AdloffPractices of Conviviality and the Social and Political Theory of Convivialism
No..2Gesine MüllerConviviality in (Post)Colonial Societies:
Caribbean Literature in the Nineteenth Century
No..1The Maria Sibylla Merian Centre Latin AmericaConviviality in Unequal Societies: Perspectives from Latin America
Thematic Scope and Preliminary Research Programme